Stash-busting Sweater

As I’ve been slogging through boxes I uncovered some beautiful red Berroco Peruvia, along with several skeins of the same yarn in grey. They look really nice together and I immediately thought of my current pressing need for cardigans. Unfortunately there’s not quiiiiite enough for a regular full size sweater, but there should be enough for a cropped one! That should serve my layering purposes just as well for the rest of this summer and into fall.


Of course, none of the patterns I found on Ravelry look anything like what I want, so being me I just dove right in without a pattern! If I like the result I’ll write it up for you guys when I’m done.

I can also feel a major yarn binge coming on. Between the need for cardigans and the new Twist Collective, this could get ugly.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Huzzah for stash-busting! I’ve got (hopefully) a cardigan’s worth of a deep red yarn, and I’ve been looking for the right pattern for it. I’m really in the mood for cardigans and sweaters, too! Happy knitting!


  2. Sweaters(even cropped ones) are the way to go with stash busting! I need your courage to just dive into design!


  3. Good luck with that! Let us see the results no matter what.


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