Messy Cave: Progress

The post below is a follow up to this one:

We are working hard to prevent the office in our new home from becoming the Cave the last one was. Hubby is slowly but surely building us some lovely bookshelves that will hopefully actually be able to hold all our books, and in the mean time he has built this:

yarn storage

I have it sorted by weight, with no spot for lace weight because I never really use it, and the last spot for my spinning fiber stash. The yarn I’ve unpacked doesn’t completely jibe with the yarn I have cataloged on Ravelry, but I’m not entirely sure if that means I’m still missing boxes of yarn somewhere or if I just haven’t been updating Rav properly when I use things up. Either way it’s become very evident just how much I favor fingering and worsted weight yarns. Time to start using those up!

Of course, since there is a cat in the house, within hours this had happened:

cat disaster

The good news is, I think he scared himself in the process. Hopefully he’ll leave the shelves alone now.


9 responses to this post.

  1. I’m envious of your cubby shelves, they seem perfect for yarn storage. I just hope your cat hasn’t found a new playground!


  2. Good luck on your organising. I have yet to be totally sucessful…..


  3. Soooooooooo tempting for a kitty cat…. I’d cuddle up in those soft shells if I were a cat.


  4. I mean shelves, not shells. 😛


  5. It’s looking good! Keep it up! I’m not sure how you feel about scarves but teabeaknits blogged about a yarn stash buster..perhaps you can mix the different weights to create a new weight yarn. That way, the stash will go away quicker!:-D


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