The Importance of Good Photos

Take a look through my shop on Ravelry. Which design do you think has the best cover photo? The best additional photos?


Is it this one?

I definitely think it’s Catch. It is also far and away my best seller of all my patterns. I really don’t think that’s a coincidence. My other hot sellers also coincide with the ones I think have the best photos. There’s enough of a pattern that I actually have reshoots in the works for some of my old, less popular patterns. Having good photos of your work is almost as important as having good quality work when it comes to getting sales, or those awesome little heart-shaped ego boosts (aka favorites) on your Rav page!

So how do you get good photos? I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do have some tips:

1. Lighting is vital. Natural light generally looks better than artificial, but if you must use artificial make sure all your bulbs are the same color and type. Your space should be well lit regardless, and be sure to avoid having any distracting shadows on your knitting and/or model.

2. Use the rule of thirds. Basically, imagine breaking your photo up into nine equal pieces with a grid. Try to position your “interesting points” (a pretty cable, a color change, the model’s face, etc) at the intersections of that grid.


Background clutter. Ew.

3. Pay attention to your background. Is there distracting clutter in it? Does it go along with the “story” your garment is telling, or does it look out of place? A pretty garden works for a soft, romantic piece but not for an edgy modern one. Leafy green trees look odd with a heavy winter sweater. Try standing a little away from the background or using the portrait setting on your camera to blur the background a bit and really focus in on the knitting.

4. Be a little silly. Especially for those of us not using professional models, getting natural looking poses can be tricky. Goofing off a bit will help the model relax, even if you don’t use any of the silly shots. If your model’s a child, he or she probably isn’t going to pose anyway. Just go with it.

5. Take lots of photos. No seriously, lots. At least 50% more than you think is reasonable. Even with a really casual photographer behind the camera, the law of averages says you’ll get at least a few usable shots!

What are your best photo tips?

P.S. I’m having a Back to School sale! All patterns are 20% off now through Labor Day – the last day of summer break for my own students. That’s September 2nd for those of you not in the U.S.!


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  1. All so very true. Your tip about sections was great as I had not thought about it quite like that before. Thank you. X


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