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My bandage is small enough to spin! The new wheel feels so super fast. In my head I’m definitely making “vroom” noises as I spin. The yarn I’m making is way more thick and thin (read: lumpy) than what I make on my drop spindles, and I’m having some issues with overspinning as I get used to the speed. Still…



Yarn! Woohoo!

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  1. Posted by caityrosey on September 24, 2013 at 6:37 pm

    Vroom! Exactly. I’m so happy you’ve gotten started with a wheel. I live knitting with my own handspun. I know you will too.


  2. WHOOPEEEE!!! Kromski makes a great wheel! You are gonna have SO much fun!


  3. As a fellow Kromski owner (I have the wee little Prelude) I have to echo Suzy. Kromski’s are wonderful. As someone who pretty much started on the wheel and then tried to pick up a drop spindle, the advice I got was something along the lines of it will still take time to get the muscle memory for each. Keep it up and best of luck on the spinning!


    • There are definitely some weird differences, but I kind of expected it. I’m not gutted or anything; it’s just disappointing to have finally gotten the hang of the spindle only to be back to spinning “beginner” yarn again. There are enough similarities in the processes that I’m sure I’ll pick it up faster this time though…


  4. AWESOME!! I got my first wheel on a Christmas Day. And, yes, that lumpy yarn was hilarious! But, because you’ve already learned how to draft with a spindle, that part of it will go fast. Then, after a bit of spinning your default, you’ll start doing this on purpose for kicks. 🙂 I hope you enjoy spinning on both though. I can’t be without either anymore!


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