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I’m waiting impatiently to post a new pattern which should be released this weekend, and I thought about blogging a skill/tips post while I wait. I was mulling over the techniques in my patterns and the tips I’ve found interesting and/or useful over the years and couldn’t seem to make up my mind what you guys would like the most. Then it occurred to me. Duh. If I want to know what they want, why don’t I just ask them?!?! So, what would you guys like to learn about? I’ll try to get to as many of them as I can!

P.S. Here are the ones I’ve already done, if you’re new to the blog.


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  1. I heard you can start working a sock at the ankle, using a provisional cast on, so that you can do the foot first and then use up all the yarn you have left on the cuff. I’m about to try one like that, so any thoughts or tips on that would be super helpful…

    I also always like to see anything to do with lace, or any pretty, decorative stitches that can be used for a variety of projects…


  2. I say blog about them all. They will be useful to someone and more than likely a happy reminder for many more. It may become a useful reference tool. Xx


  3. Blog em! Post the pattern, then the tips. That way, the tips make sense.


  4. I’ve had requests about reading patterns, knitting in the round, increasing, decreasing, casting on, casting off, jogless colours, righting wrongs and all things in between. Just go for what you fancy!


  5. […] week I blogged a post asking what readers wanted to learn/get tips about on this blog. One reader asked for info on […]


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