September Storms

Yes, I know it’s no longer September. An unexpected search for a new tech editor slowed this pattern down some, but the fact is the sweater still looks like a September thunderstorm, regardless of when you wear it. And I do wear it, often. September Storms is a study in contrasts – lightweight but warm, elegant but casual, dark but bold.

storms close-up

Like the skies in the heart of hurricane season, it’s an utter chameleon, changing moods at the drop of a hat. The variegated Unisono in the blue stripes of this raglan echoes the variety of blues you’ll see in the sky in early fall. The sharp change to black with each stripe reminds me of the sudden appearance of a thunderstorm, and the just as rapid return to blue also holds true to nature.

September Storms cover

Knit in fingering weight wool, this effortless top-down sweater is just a little warm, for days that are growing just a little cool. Its boldly colored simplicity also makes it functional for a day in park, but still sophisticated enough for a night on the town. The broad stripes at the shoulder and hip contrast intriguingly with narrow stripes at the waist. This both narrows the appearance of your own waist, and creates an impressive effect in what is otherwise a very easy stockinette pullover.

september storms - sleeve

Interested yet? Sales-pitch aside, I really do wear this sweater more than almost any other in my wardrobe. I’m sure you’ll love September Storms as much as I do; go check it out!

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by caityrosey on October 6, 2013 at 12:01 pm

    You seem to do a really good job fitting sweaters. I need to learn more about doing that for my own body.


    • It helps that my waist and hips are fairly close to CYC standard, as are my shoulders. My bust and the length of most of me isn’t, but that’s a whole lot less to mess with than it could be. Fit to Flatter is a good resource, and I’ve picked up lots of other random tips reading various blogs. Maybe I’ll post a few of them!


  2. Love the sweater — nicely done!

    I turn fitting on its head — I tend to shop for designs that suit my body type & that take relatively little altering. I actually have go-to designers I think mostly because they are shaped like me so their designs tend to flatter me.


    • If you find the right indy designers that can definitely work! Most designers go by CYC standards because that’s what yarn companies and big publications want, but finding the most flattering silhouettes helps a lot too.


  3. This is lovely ūüôā


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