I wore my Brambleton socks to work yesterday, and for the first few hours of the day literally no one noticed, or at least said anything. Then “shared reading” (the new, testing-era term for story time) happened, and suddenly there were children sitting at my feet. They. Were. Fascinated.

Brambleton- Back Detail

“Miss, are those socks?! Whoooaaaa” came a dozen different voices. There’s nothing quite like the awe of an elementary schooler is there? Of course, then came an entire story time full of students petting me and tracing the cables on my socks. But petting the teacher (and each other, and their pencil toppers, and the carpet, and…) is a surprisingly common thing with young kids, so you learn to just carry on uninterrupted.

Amusingly I’ve gotten pretty similar reactions from a plethora of non-knitters about the current take-along WIP, my Mohair Cardigan. Pretty much every non-crafter who’s seen it has had a similar awe reaction to a small child – “Whoooaa, yarn can do that?”


They’re utterly enthralled by its fuzzy transparency and drape, and frequently follow their “whoa” with a story about Mom/Grandma’s scratchy sweaters with yarn from the local megastore, or perhaps a whispered, “Maybe I should learn to knit”. My answer to that comment, of course, is always a resounding yes. It’s nice to still be able to inspire people!


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  1. Posted by caityrosey on October 9, 2013 at 5:28 pm

    My brain is doing crazy things. I saw that black and white photo and thought it was a sonogram.


  2. Awesome. That’s a great reaction. 😀 And, those are great socks.


  3. You’ll have to start thinking about theme-related socks if story time is a regular event! 😉


  4. I’m a fan…the socks are hot!


  5. They look so warm and cosy and so many cables!


  6. Beautiful socks.
    And I just thought the photo was in black and white.
    I’ve had my babies : )


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