Packing Light

I’m going out of town for the weekend and this sweater WIP is all the knitting I’m taking with me.



There’s no way on earth I’m getting 3/4 of a sweater done in 2 days. Still, I’m a little nervous. One WIP? Really?

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  1. I always find the more knitting you take, the less you do. Whereas if you only have one project, you always do way more and even finish it, at which point you wish you had taken more. Same principle works for an extra ball of yarn on days out/ work trips on the train…. Love the colour btw.


  2. It never fails – If you just pack the one sweater, you’ll finish it on the trip and wish you had more. If you pack more, you’ll hardly get to any of it and wish you had packed less. So if you want to spend more time knitting this weekend, take just the sweater…if you want to spend less time knitting, take more projects 🙂


  3. I know exactly how you feel – I’ve packed wool for 2 pairs of socks of which 1 sock is nearly done, and of the other 1/4 sock has been knit – I’m gone for 6 days. It should be more than enough but you never know…


  4. If you finish you will have to go shopping…..


  5. I really know what you mean. I have no problem packing for the entire family in 30 minutes. But when it comes to WIPs. I pack, organise, repack, rethink and even when we’re about to go out the door, stuff something else in, just in case….


  6. I know the feeling, I usually take way too much but I think it’s better that way cause then you won’t be kicking yourself if you end up finishing and having nothing else to grab!


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