Messy Black Holes

I went away over the weekend, and didn’t really expect to get a whole lot done. After all, we had lots of fun stuff planned for the weekend, both historical:



and decidedly seasonal:

howl o scream




None of the things we had planned were really knitting friendly, so I didn’t pack too much. However. Awesome Husband offered to drive both there and back, which means I got about 6 solid hours of knitting time in. I was a little extra nervous about running out of knitting now, but it turns out I needn’t have worried. Apparently I have stumbled across a knitting black hole. You know those projects where you knit for hours and hours and hours and never seen any appreciable change?

black hole project


Yup. Where the heck do all those stitches go? It sure doesn’t seem to be into the WIP. I’m pretty sure the only reasonable explanation is that I’ve created a black hole. Clearly all the stitches I make are getting sucked into it, which is why I never see them again.

Maybe I should cast on for a new sweater. You know, just to teach this one a lesson.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I say just keep going, enjoy the process of knitting and one day you’ll have something to wear 🙂


  2. Is that photo from Colonial Williamsburg?

    Love your idea of a black hole for stitches!


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