A Knit-full Weekend

Hubby and I went to his unit’s Birthday Ball this weekend (a week early, inexplicably) and there was plenty of knitting involved!



It is November, and not warm, so even though we were inside most of the night I brought along my Clapotis. It matched the dress nicely if I do say so myself. It got surprisingly little comment, aside from an enthusiastic, drink-fueled discussion on how funny the word “shawl” sounds.



What did get a surprising amount of attention from random strangers in the hotel, however, was the September Storms I wore when I wasn’t all dolled up. People were way into it – although I don’t think any of them imagined that I had made it.

storms close-up


Then there was all the time in the car. Since there is just so much pretty on sale with the GAL right now, and I do have a field trip coming up this week that will involve several hours of sitting on the bus, I went ahead and indulged in a new pattern. Then, because I am weak and the Black Hole Sweater is endless, I cast on for the new pattern. After all, I need to get it to a point where it will be easy and automatic on the bus, right? Except…our 30 mile trip to the Ball took 2 hours. And this happened.



It’s hard to tell with it all squished on little needles and unblocked, but that hat is 2/3 done. There is no way this Visiting Linda will last even the first leg of the field trip. Oh darn, guess I’ll just have to go ahead and finish it now. And buy another pattern for the field trip. What a shame.

P.S. I finished the first front of the Black Hole cardi too. No photos though, because it really does look exactly the same as last week.

9 responses to this post.

  1. I love it that someone else out there has several projects on the go too! However, I think you must be a lot more talented from the photos!


    • I definitely always have multiple projects going. Different situations call for different knitting, y’know? Plus supposedly switching needle sizes frequently is good for preventing carpal tunnel. Sounds like a good argument to me!


      • I hadn’t heard about switching needles – will bear that in mind. At the moment what I work on depends on where I am – in the car usually smaller projects, on the sofa whatever’s handy, on the dining room table is the one I walk around and feel guilty about not working on! Then of course there are multiple projects in my head too …. I wish I were an octopus!

  2. Lovely dress & like the hat!


  3. O how I feel bad for you having to buy a new pattern and all…..:)
    Your clapotis looks beautiful!


  4. oh my gosh, your dress is TO. DIE. FOR. also, nice knits. you are really quick knitter!


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