Field Trip Knitting

Wow, this week blew by! I did indeed finish my Visiting Linda hat before the field trip.

visiting linda


I don’t like it on me as much as on the needles, but I think it will be very lovely on someone else. Someone’s getting lucky this Giftmas! So with that hat finished and no purse project, I rather shamelessly went back and bought another GAL pattern (the patterns are all still 25% off for a couple more days).

hatteras hat


This one will be the Hatteras Hat, because apparently I’m on a hat kick. The hat and I (and the kids and chaperones) spent several hours on the bus together this morning before we toured Fort McHenry in Baltimore.



Then we meandered over to the Maryland Science Center for the better part of the day, where the teachers and I chatted and laughed about our ridiculously excited (and sometimes just ridiculous) students and I got a very little knitting done.

science center

After that it was back on the bus for a nice long drive home! I hit a minor snag with it though – my size 6 circular needle is with a friend right now, and somehow I only have one size 6 circ. That will be remedied shortly. Until then it’s not like I don’t have any other knitting I could be doing!


4 responses to this post.

  1. Glad you hear you are enjoying the GAL, nothing wrong with buying multiple hat patterns (I may have bought multiple adult sweater patterns….)


  2. Sorry about the hat. It is such a shame that you have to do another one!


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