Messy Sins?

Messiness isn’t one of the 7 Deadly Sins, but this post will certainly show some of the darker side of knitting! A few days ago Knit It Up had a post on the 7 Deadly Sins of Knitting & Crochet and it looked like fun, so I’ll join in!

1. Greed: What is the most expensive and least expensive yarn you own?

 For yarns that are still in stash, I think the Maple Creek Farm Alpaca/Bamboo is the most expensive, although it shouldn’t stay in stash too much longer. The random green stuff I picked up at a swap is probably the cheapest.

maple creek

2. Wrath: What pattern or designer do you have a love hate relationship with?

 I don’t tend to love/hate specific designers or designs, but there are absolutely specific projects I’ve felt that way about. Leonardtown was one of them.



3. Gluttony: What kind of yarn do you buy over and over again with no shame whatsoever?

 There are way too many new yarns out there for me to try for me to stick to one over and over. I definitely have a few favorites from over the years though (I’m looking at you, MadTosh and Malabrigo).

4. Sloth: What project do you put off working on due to laziness?

 That would be my Project of Doom. It may never get finished. I am okay with that.

mosaic coverlet

5. Pride: What finished item do you talk about to appear more skilled than other knitters/crocheters?

 “I designed that,” usually does a pretty sufficient job. The Aran sweater tends to get a lot of attention too.

Pattern "Aran Sweater" by Suzanna Bascuchea

6. Lust: What attributes do you find attractive in yarn?

 COLOR! I am such a sucker for rich, saturated colors. If it’s something I’m going to be wearing next to my skin it needs to be fairly soft too.

7. Envy: What kind of yarn would you like to receive as a gift?

 Pretty much anything in sweater quantities is awesome, because that’s what I like to make and when you’re asking for that much yarn you can’t be too picky! Hubs did get me the awesome small-dyer Maisonette DK that went into my Potomac though, which was a major win. I do like supporting local and small-time artists.



So what are your 7 Deadly Crafting Sins?

P.S. Happy Veterans Day/Remembrance Day all!


10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by caityrosey on November 11, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    Let’s hear more about your Leonardtown Wrath.


    • Haha I reknit that dang pattern 4 times. The first two I thought it wanted to be a cardigan. Evidently I was wrong. The third time I figured the yarn was just cursed. If it had gone awry the fourth time I might have just burned the whole lot.


  2. Your project of doom looks amazing. You can’t do all that work and not finish it. LOVE the colour of the skeins.


    • I love it too, and it looks great in my living room, but there’s just SO MUCH of it! I knit and knit and it’s never any closer to done (much like the current Black Hole), but it’s also not a memorizable pattern so I can’t just knit on it mindlessly either.


  3. Thanks for the ping back! I love all the pictures you added to the questions! From what I read, your stash sounds wonderful! One day I’ll get there! Beautiful yarn! Yes, I agree that COLOR is a feature I like in yarn too.


  4. I agree with you when it comes to colors. I love rich colors. And your project of doom would look nice also as a pillow cover (just as an idea). I like it so far.


    • Haha the pillow cover might work for that section if I make a big enough pillow or get brave about steeking. I’d have to find some other use for the completed section though. It’s really unfortunate how much bigger a blanket is than anything else useful…


  5. Your project of doom made me giggle! I can see why you call it that!


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