After last week’s chaos, I think I have recovered a bit of balance. It’s showing up in the fact that I’m sleeping better and don’t have so many inexplicable aches and pains, but it’s also showing up in my crafting. I’m in a mood to finishing things (so much better than start-itis, by the way) so I’m slowly plugging away at the last bits of the silk-merino I was spindle-spinning before I got my wheel.



I’ve also put in enough work on the Black Hole Cardigan to get to the underarm on the second front. At this rate it may be done by spring. 😉 Several hours at the mechanic over the weekend also means I got a fair bit of the Hatteras Hat done.

hatteras hat

I love the way the lighthouse cables are knitting up, and am intrigued by the beginnings of the waves cables too. It’s a nice little bit of summer back as I work on it, and a nice bit of the waterfront back now that I’m living here in the hills. Not that Cape Hatteras was ever home, but it certainly is familiar territory, and similar enough to other places I’ve lived to make me nostalgic. By the way, this hat is part of the Gift-A-Long, which is still going strong. There are still tons of prizes left to be given away, and with all the participating patterns (including 20 of mine) there’s a good chance you’ve got one in progress already anyway! You should definitely join us!


Alas, even the lure of the rare and beloved finish-itis is not all-powerful. This week I had a sudden craving for a sweater that only exists in my brain, and I wanted it so bad I could not wait for a publisher to pick it up. So I also ordered yarn and swatched for a new design this week. I’d pretend I’m embarrassed but I’m way too busy being excited.



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  1. It does feel good to finish things! That red on the last picture is so cheerful, I’ve been really into knitting with red lately…..not that I’ve actually been knitting with a lot of red but i see many of my ideas these days in that happy color. That time of the year I guess 🙂


  2. I love that you are so excited by your passion. I feel the same way about my writing. *hug*


  3. I loved to see your projects, nearing completion. Be sure and hop back to show us when they are complete. The hat is particularly lovely.


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