Moral Support

You guys are fantastic! I did force myself to commit to one (okay, two) project(s) for a while, and wonderful things have happened.

shell bag


I finished the Lace Shell Basket that’s been languishing in my WIPs pile since summer, and stuffed it full of all our hats and scarves and whatnot (See my Smitten Glittens peeping out of the top? I wear those so much they’re starting to come apart).

black hole


I also finally finished the other front of my Black Hole cardi, and started a sleeve. That sleeve is actually twice as long as it looks, because I had to rip back and cast on with waaaaay fewer stitches than called for. Still, I have been productive and stayed committed. Thanks for the moral support!

7 responses to this post.

  1. Inspiration to finish something else myself. Having completed 2 sets of wristies, a baby set and a cowl within three weeks I feel like I am on a roll but I know there are more WIPs lurking around my house. Out of sight, out of mind, one might say – but I know they are there. Nice to see someone else getting satisfaction after completing a project! Makes me want to finish more too – and chuck out the guilt of being a non- finisher usually!!!


  2. Love the bag. Perfect for storage or stash carrying.


  3. Love the bag. Hope that it is going to get some outings and not stay inside all the time?


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