Messy Plying

I have a snow day, because Virginia is awesome like that. MOAR HOURS TO KNIT!! I’ve been doing some plying too, but my jeans are not getting along with the built-in lazy kate.



The singles keep getting caught on them. The cat is also obnoxiously excited by the sound the singles make as they whip across my jeans. He’s been very “helpful”. Considering all the other issues this first project on the wheel has had, I think it’s time to accept defeat and go knit.


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  1. Glad to seeyou are makung good use of your unexpected day at home. Entertaining cats is really going the extra mile!


  2. I am so jealous! Snow day AND spinning (even if it is frustrating) AND knitting. It is not even very cold where I am here in England, and I am being thwarted in my attempts to wear all my warm knitted things. Enjoy your snow day 🙂


  3. Ah well. At least you’re getting bonus knitting time!


  4. What?! First project on the wheel?! I have definitely not been up on my stalking lately, lol.

    Congrats!! And I love snow days too. 🙂


    • Yeah it’s definitely been a frustration. It’s probably not all that bad compared to a lot of “first spinning” projects, but it’s a far cry from what I can do on the spindle. Oh the slubs and the breaking…


  5. By the way, there are tons of youtube vids on plying on a wheel. You may have seen this one…but I think she’s using your wheel, and just in case, I’m leaving the link here.

    Some vids you can also buy. I liked JM’s The Gentle Art of Plying. Of course, when AF visited our mill, she had a totally different style that was a lot more simpler. Either way works, of course. There are tons of ways and the best way to ply is the one that’s best for you. But it doesn’t hurt to see another’s style and borrow it when you need it.


  6. haha, you randomly live in VA. I, also live in VA. How interesting 😛


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