Mini Startitis

Apparently mental exhaustion is a pretty good cure for startitis. I gave myself permission to cast on whatever struck my fancy over the weekend, since I’d finished all my active WIPs except the sample for an upcoming design. So what did I cast on?

smitten glitten progress

A very sensible pair of Smitten Glittens to replace my ones that are finally wearing out, and

crochet snowflakes

Pattern is Snowflake #13 by Angela Grabowski

a couple of these super-fast little snowflakes to hand out to coworkers along with some cookies on Friday. That’s it. Two little bitty projects. I am so darn tired and ready for Winter Break I have absolutely no desire to start anything else either. I think I’m doing it wrong.

5 responses to this post.

  1. The snowflakes are very pretty indeed and the mittens, well! you will be more than glad of those, I’m sure. Enjoy your break and get some rest.


  2. Sounds as if you need a break. Lovely snowflakes. Hope your break comes soon enough for you. 🙂


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