Looking Back

In just a few hours, 2013 will officially be over. What did I accomplish this year? Well, there were some big life “things” this year, most notably the new house and new pup.


But this is a crafting blog. What about my crafting accomplishments? This year I knit 9168 yards, plus a few more if you count a WIP and a design sample not currently registered in Ravelry.


I released 10 new designs and made a serious effort to get my name out there more. Although I managed to afford Ravelry advertising for the first time recently (tech and photo editing had previously sucked up pretty much everything I made), I think the Giftalong was actually the best thing I did for sales all year.

Swept Away


I finished 5 adult sweaters and one baby sweater. I created a total of 19 knit projects and 3 crochet ones that are publicly viewable on Ravelry. Swept Away got the most favorites of the bunch, but I think September Storms gets the most day to day use.

September Storms cover


I also got the hang of spindle spinning and acquired a spinning wheel. I still wouldn’t quite say I’m adept at the wheel, but I’m getting better. It is definitely one more thing on the list of fibery addictions. I can’t even begin to estimate what kind of yardage I spun this year, since so much of it will never be knit. Maybe next year I’ll add a spinning widget to the knitting one.

I did not shrink my stash noticeably. I made plenty with it, but it’s pretty much all been replaced with more. I’m still gonna call that one a win.

P.S. Today is my birthday, did you get a gift from me? If you have one of my patterns in your Ravelry wishlist, you might have! Log in to find out.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I fear that my birthday wishes are bit late but i will send them anyway. I hope 2014 is as successful as 2013. Have fun. X


  2. You also gained me, an almost non-knitter, as a follower in 2013, Christina 😀 However, that may not be considered as an accomplishment.

    Wishing you a very happy birthday. You are looking so pretty and happy these days, despite the upheaval of a move. I hope that happiness continues.


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