I am feeling decidedly uninspired by absolutely everything lately. It seems to be a case of the “Winter Blahs” mixed with some serious stress at work this week. Normally my solution for a lack of inspiration is a hard workout (outdoors if I can steal some daylight), a hot shower, and some Pinterest trolling.

pinterest profile

My aptly named Knitspiration board is a particular favorite, as is my Feel Good board. Maybe if I  browse through them (and new entries from a few pinning friends) long enough I’ll feel like knitting more than a row per episode of the Netflix series du jour. What do you do to get your mojo back this time of year?


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  1. For me, Pinterest trolling has become a time-killer rather than a search for inspiration. Sometimes it helps me to look at knitting that is way beyond my skill set, like an Alice Starmore book, then I am happy to settle for something lesser that i feel i can handle..


  2. when I lose my “mojo” I take a break…put all the yarn away for a day or two and do a jigsaw puzzle or something. works like a charm 😉


  3. To be honest, I’ve not been in that situation yet. I’m still suffering from “too many patterns, too little time”! Hope inspiration comes soon!


  4. I was totally going through the same thing..on my last blog post I talked about redefine my space and doing a clutter sort through. It helped immensely and I also got rid/donated things that I knew I would never use. Totally refreshing.


  5. I read blogs and run outside.x


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