A Break

We’re getting a teeny little respite from the cold (it’s supposed to snow again Monday) so Husbeast and I decided to take advantage and go to DC for the day with my best friend and her husband.



My Flutter is unfortunately not very travel friendly, with it’s current size and the fact that the pattern is in a book instead of in my Kindle. Perhaps that’s why it still looks almost the same as it did last time I posted about it! Not exactly much downtime at home lately. Instead I cast on a new pair of basic socks for the trip. I am determined to use up this stash of purple sock yarn!

sock toe


We tooled around the Museum of the American Indian for a few hours, which is always a nice time. The architecture alone is worth the visit. Hubby had never been before, somehow, so that was a nice bonus. Of course, after we were done seeing all there was to see, we had to grab a bite from their awesome cafe before moving on. Smithsonian food is always pricey, but at this particular museum I do think it’s worth the price. Yum.



After that we went to the United States Botanic Garden for a bit. In part we went because it’s always fun to see the coffee trees, and the cacao trees, and to smell the herbs and medicine section of the greenhouse. But mostly we went because…well, where else in this hemisphere are you going to see things like this in February?


This time of year we can all really use a little color injection from time to time, you know? Well worth the trip.



8 responses to this post.

  1. Doesn’t sound as if you had much time for knitting. That flower is stunning though.


  2. I used to live in D.C and never got to that museum. I’ll make sure to visit next time I’m there, thanks!


  3. Lovely picture of Washington, where I’ve never been. I’m sure all the museums are wonderful. Just wish I was younger and richer so I could go and enjoy them all. I’m sure I would love your day and the pic of the flower is stunning.


    • I feel the same way about England! I love to travel and am perfectly happy to forgo other luxuries to save my money for traveling, so I’m sure I’ll get there eventually. I am definitely lucky to have so many great places within a day’s drive of here though.


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