Hunting for Rainbows

It is February, there’s an ice storm beginning outside, there’s more snow in the forecast, and I. miss. color.


Neon green! (pattern Leonardtown, by Christina Loman)

I miss all colors at this point, the brighter the better. So naturally, what I’m really craving now is rainbows. Specifically bold, eye-searingly bright self-striping socks. I’d love something a la Blueberry Pie Studio‘s Rainbow Dreams, which is perpetually sold out, or Knit Picks Felici’s rainbow colorway, which is sadly discontinued.

rainbow dreams

Rainbow Dreams by Blueberry Pie Studios

Sadly, as you can probably guess from the above, my luck has been non-existent. Everything bright and rainbow-y is either sold out or discontinued. I’ve had some luck finding bright, brilliant self-striping colorways that are missing one or two members of the ROY G BIV spectrum, and may wind up settling for one of those. There are also plenty of more muted and subtle versions of the rainbow out there, but at this point in the winter I am thoroughly done with muted and subtle. So, one last plea to the internet before I give up. Anyone know of a secret stash of rainbow yarn out there? Bonus points if it’s not hideously expensive to get in the U.S.!


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  1. I do have a suggestion but possibly not cheap… One of my favourite hand dyed yarn is by – she does some fabulous multicoloured skeins. If you click on the link, check out Parakeet under her sock yarn. Yum! I also love her blackened rainbow yarn:
    She does weekly batches and uploads it on a Friday evening (7pm GMT I think) so it’s first come first served. What she has currently on her site may not be what’s there next week, which I like.


  2. I was recently overjoyed to find rainbow self-striping yarn from Happy-go-knitty, one of my favourite indie dyers:

    I know she does have some on offer, but I couldn’t link you to her shop as I think the site is down at the moment. However, when you check in, you should be able to have a look. Otherwise, she’s also on facebook, and you could always try emailing Helene.
    she’s lovely to deal with.

    The yarn is not cheap, and I have no idea how much it costs to send to the US, but good luck!! Hope the weather gets better for you soon!


  3. I love the colour!


  4. Ah, rainbows. Whenever I see rainbow yarn I just want to knit rainbow socks! 🙂 Hope you found some suitably colourful yarn to break up the grey!


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