Lookit!!! I got rainbows!!!


I finally found some rainbow striping yarn- Cold Springs seems to have a pretty decent supply of the stuff. Isn’t it preeeeeetty? The colors are so fabulously saturated and exactly what I need on this nasty grey week. Naturally I couldn’t wait to dive into it and have already cast on a new pair of socks. We won’t discuss the current sock WIP it definitely displaced, or the sweater that is also still not finished.

sock toe

Really, how could you even think about those WIPs when you have this on the needles?! It’s not quite the fat stripes I was originally looking for, but still distinct and bold and look how pretty!!! It’s super soft too. This is so much better than grading papers. Or eating. Or sleeping. I may be in trouble…


20 responses to this post.

  1. hehehe you got it baaaad!….but then who could blame you? that colorway is gorgeous 🙂


  2. This yarn looks so fabulous. I want one (or two) skeins too….


  3. Oh yay!! I’m really happy for you!


  4. I don’t blame you for placing the other WIPs on temporary hold (see that way it isn’t like you abandoned them or anything.) It seems almost necessary to have something that bright and cheerful in this gray and dismal time of the year. Happy knitting!


  5. great colors! It will be fun to knit and see the stripes emerge. 🙂


  6. Ooo! Pretty colors! How fun fun fun!


  7. Pretty! I had some similar stripey bamboo yarn a couple of years ago – made a fab dropped stitch skinny scarf – got lots of compliments. Definitely lovely to make a rainbow any day!


  8. That is far too beautiful. Not that I’ve got a thing about rainbows or anything…


  9. Seems that you loved it so much that it was finished before you even really started? 😉


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