Snowy Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, readers! We got such an epic (for this region) snowfall yesterday that Hubby actually took his first snow day since high school and stayed home. Being a teacher, I also got to stay home. So, since Hubby is back at work today, we actually got more snuggly couple time together yesterday that we probably will tonight. See?


This is what we woke up to just before sunrise, and the fact that the plows had not been through yet (and in fact didn’t come through until about 4 pm) is why we stayed home. As a nice bonus, it meant we got to watch the first U.S. men’s hockey game of the Olympics live instead of having it ruined before we could watch it that evening. It continued to snow, and by the time the dog wanted to go out it was pretty absurd out. We took a nice family walk down to the pond, although Athena really did more of a bound than a walk. The snow was a bit deep for her to be able to walk, but she persevered enthusiastically nonetheless.

snow leap

The short walk took much, much longer than normal and by the time we got home Hubby had gotten a call from his mother begging him to go dig out her driveway so she could get home. Apparently she had worked overnight and even once the major roads were clear she had no way of getting to her house/shovel because of the foot of snow blocking the doors! Of course that meant we had to dig ourselves out first. Again, this is what we were facing:


It took about an hour to dig ourselves out, and then Hubby valiantly insisted I go inside to knit and warm up while he dug his mother out. Awwww. After not really a whole lot of persuading I agreed, put on some black bean chili, and produced this:


By the time he got home he was quite ready for cuddling in front of a fire. So that’s what we did. Pretty much the rest of the night. We did save something special for tonight though. Behold the delicious that has been taunting me allllll day:


Yep, still gonna be a good night.


7 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by caityrosey on February 15, 2014 at 12:02 am

    Looks like you made good use of your snowy Valentine’s Day.


  2. Sounds like a pretty good day. Snow, knitting, and chocolate-covered strawberries.


  3. That is some snow. Glad you all managed to get in, and out, and in again. 😉


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