Some Pretty for You

Last weekend we had a brief break in the cold before the endless snowing returned. I took advantage of the temporary warmth to air out my shawl collection and also take a few photos for an upcoming ad campaign. I thought a lot of it wound up pretty, and very refreshing after months of endless grey and white. Because I love you all, I am sharing. All photos can be enlarged by clicking.

folded shawls

A close-up of my shawls, all folded and ready for spreading




Almost overwhelming for the senses this time of year!

swept away

More beads and a bit of pretty light play.


Fish? Vines? Don’t care. It’s green, and I need green right now.

Hope these brightened your day a bit, as they did mine. For the interested, the shawls (in the order they appear in the fence picture) are: Clapotis, Swallowtail, Leonardtown, Sea Spray, and Swept Away.


16 responses to this post.

  1. They’re all beautiful!


  2. Wow, they’re really beautiful! Great work.
    I know how you feel about the cold. When there’s a couple of minutes with sun I grab my camera too. 🙂


  3. I love them all! Beautiful work…and the green is stunning!!


  4. The green is so bright and lovely. The colours look great altogether too… can you imagine a pair of socks striped in those colours?


  5. They are beautiful as is the blue sky I glimpse in the background.


  6. Oh they are gorgeous!! And I’m with you. I need to see some green around here. Stat.


    • Last week’s snow has pretty much melted and they’re calling for SIXTY degrees tomorrow. I’m almost afraid to be hopeful, but SIXTY!!


      • What?! I would probably not kill-but I might would dare step on someone’s foot just to see 60 degree weather! Miss the sun and color so much.

      • I keep checking the garden like 4 times a day to see if anything’s sprouted yet. I am seeing bits of garlic and what I think might be crocus? I didn’t plant the maybe-crocus so it will be a surprise. Definitely went a little crazy with the seed catalog recently too!

      • Lol! I don’t garden…well, not yet. But I may consider it just to see a green blade of…anything!!

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