This Again?

We’ve had several days in the 60s and even one in the 70s in the last week or so. My hyacinths and garlic and even what appear to be some crocus I didn’t know we had have all sprouted.



The neighbor’s crocus are even blooming, not that I’m jealous or anything. Ahem. I’ve started all the veggies that need indoor starting, the robins are nesting, and I am getting super psyched for spring. But then tonight’s forecast? 3-6 inches of snow. Sigh.

I really hoped we were done with winter. We almost never get snow this late in the year. State testing begins in mid-March (Tuesday, actually) because we’re supposed to be *done* with weather-related scheduling issues by now. Where is my spring, dang it? Oh well, at least I’ll have plenty of knitting to keep be warm. Again.

rainbow cowl


I finally used up the end of that rainbow yarn and finished my cowl. It is cozy and colorful and will keep me from killing people when the world turns white and grey again tonight. I will probably pair it with my rainbow socks just to be extra sure.

I did indeed run out of yarn before completing the last sleeve of Flutter, so I ordered a new skein…and possibly some pretty green sock yarn as well. Knit Picks is having a St. Patrick’s day sale; can you blame me? I really think a little green is just as necessary as the rainbows, what with the impending weather and all.


While I’m waiting on that yarn to arrive, I’ve also been working on the stash-busting purse socks a bit more. I’m using the same cabling pattern as the Flutter sleeves. They’re also almost the same color as the neighbor’s crocus. Are you noticing a theme here?


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  1. That rainbow cowl is super pretty. Well, you and I can trade wishes. I wish it was winter already!! Very, very, over the summer heat and humidity!


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