Mother Nature Needs Medication

So for several days in a row, we had temperatures in the 50s and 60s – high 60s even!


We got some sun, the birds began nesting, and things began to bloom. Hubby and I even lit a fire in the firepit – outside! – instead of the fireplace on Saturday. Good times were had by all.


…And then this happened.


Again. I am so unbelievably done with winter I don’t even have words. It is officially spring, it was acting like spring, and then this. Argh!!

Luckily my Knitpicks package arrived before the snow, so between not wanting to go outside and the virus that’s got me temporarily laid up, I’ve been getting some knitting done.


The purple Felici is more pink in person than I had hoped, but the roving is a much deeper, prettier shade of green than I had hoped so I suppose it balances out! That green ball of Felici is called to me, and may replace my purse socks soon. And of course, the needed skein of Gloss has already been wound and I will get this last sleeve done if it kills me.



4 responses to this post.

  1. I am so with you on this whole winter thing. It is freezing (literally) here!


  2. OMG!! I felt the same way! I’ve had ample snow days. SO over it.


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