Finally Flutter

It’s finally, finally done. Between the yarn mishap and the sheer number of days lately that I just haven’t had time to knit (or seam) a single stitch, I can not believe how long this sweater took. Thankfully it’s still juuuust cool enough to be able to wear this sweater a few times.

Flutter, pattern by Amy Herzog

Flutter, pattern by Amy Herzog

Unfortunately my camera went for a swim last weekend (thanks, cat) so you’ll have to make do with lousy cell phone photos. Maybe I’ll reshoot once I can afford a new camera, but it’ll be a while.

side seam

Overall I’m pretty happy with this pullover. I don’t know that it’s any more or less flattering than most I wear, but it feels nice and I love that it’s something different. I definitely don’t have any other sweaters that are similar to this one.


Happy Friday!


8 responses to this post.

  1. Wow! So pretty!!! Glad you are able to show it off before it gets too warm!


  2. Unusual sleeves, fab colour and great jumper. Enjoy.xx


  3. Love it! I love the cables up the sides and down the sleeves.


  4. It’s lovely! I think the belled sleeves really flatter your figure!


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