Messy Stress Knitting

My life is the messy bit right now, between having surprise-hosted Easter yesterday, the exhausting family dramas that caused and resulted from surprise-hosting Easter yesterday, the surprise late frost last night (poor garden!), and a bit of serious yuck at work today. Unfortunately, the main knitting projects I have going right now are both my own design, and thus nowhere near mindless or comforting. What’s a stressed knitter to do?


Can you hear it? It says, “Christinaaaa…come and knit meeee!”

There’s a responsible part of me that doesn’t want to cast on yet another project, even if that awesome self-striping sock yarn in my stash is calling my name. There’s another part of me that knows if I don’t have something mindless to knit on at times like this, I won’t knit at all. Maybe spinning. That could be mindless and meditative. If the wool cooperates.

What’s your go-to stress craft?


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  1. Go through your stash and find some suitable yarn and knit some washcloths! Talk about mindless, and when you’re done, you’ve got something useful. As for my go-to craft when I’m stressed….I’m always stressed! Really, I don’t bother with crafting anything, I go online. I know, boo-hoo.


  2. Posted by Cindy O'Malley on April 23, 2014 at 12:39 am

    socks. vanilla socks is very soothing. always have a pair on the needles.


  3. I think you always need to have a mindless stress knit to go to. I certainly do – the one you can just pick up and knit without thinking about anything. It’s the one I don’t worry about any kind of deadline for, it’s just Comfort Knitting. The self-striping sock yarn looks very much like the thing you need right now… 😉


  4. So did the self striping socks win? I am fast coming to the conclusion that you should always have an easy project on the go for times like this as when stressed it is usually too late to start one! I end up reading blogs!


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