New Toys!

I finally managed to replace my camera!


Photo from the Amazon site.

That means no more cruddy cell phone pictures for you guys! The camera’s a bit more fancy than my previous, so I’m not entirely sure how to use all the features yet. I’ve got a pretty good handle on the basics after a quick couple experiments in the garden though.


Did I mention how excited Hubby is that the irises turned out to be more or less Redskins colored? I’m more excited by how happy all the garlic next to the irises looks. The other new toy I got today isn’t directly crafting  related, but it does keep me sane enough to feel like knitting.

running shoes

New running shoes! They look so fun and shiny and clean in that photo, straight out of the box. Of course, within literally 10 minutes of taking them out of the box I was out the door on a run and they were muddy. So much for pretty! Aside from the fact that they’re a bit hotter than my last pair of running shoes (that counts on days like this where it’s in the 90s out!) I like them a lot. They feel lighter than my old pair, the laces stay tied, and they don’t make my arches hurt (yet). Plus I always feel so virtuous when I wear out a pair of running shoes! All in all a good day.


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  1. I’ve been considering a new camera, so would be interested to hear what you think of it after using it for a while 🙂


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