A Bit Rambly

The CustomFit Sweater took a bit of a hit this week. Something went wonky in my increases and in a fit of sheer stubborness I refused to acknowledge the fact that the front looked waaaay too long and actually measure it. Of course, once I broke down and actually did measure it it was indeed absurdly oversized. Thus resulted much ripping. Have you ever ripped back large quantities of mohair? I wanted to sob. My fingers actually hurt by the time I was done, and I had to break down and snip the stuff more than once.

cardigan front

Unsurprisingly, after all that ripping the cardigan spent some time in timeout. I consoled myself by finishing a nice, mindless self-striping sock and starting the other. Generally I save those for when I’m on the go or for days when I’m just to brain dead for the complications of my current “main” project, but I figure this is pretty close to the latter.


As an aside, can I just say how tickled I am by everyone’s response to Willow Lake? You guys are amazing. It’s already giving Catch and Lovely a run for their money in terms of popularity, and it hasn’t even been out a week! Seeing that happen has made a rough week a whole lot better!


5 responses to this post.

  1. Oh I feel your pain and frustration. Love the green colour. Timeout made me smile. Glad you had another go to.xx


  2. Oh no to the mohair ripping 😦


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