Messy Time Away

I went out of town this weekend to co-host a retirement party for a relative, and Remy the feline Destroyer of Homes clearly did not approve. I tucked all my knitting (except what I brought along, of course) neatly away before I left, but guess what I came home to?


That was an almost new ball of mohair blend and about half a sweater front. I don’t believe I have a word for what it was when I got home. Gentle sobbing probably about covers it. Remy, of course, was no where to be found.


Seriously, look at this! Did I mention it’s mohair? Did I mention that it’s the same mohair sweater I had to unravel another piece of last week? It’s really a testament to my ironclad self-control that we still have a (living) cat. It took me the better part of a hockey game to get the stupid yarn rewound, and there’s definitely a nasty chewed bit that I may wind up cutting out. I think this project will be spending another stretch in timeout.


9 responses to this post.

  1. that looks evil… sorry for the bad news
    you truly showed a lot of self-control towards your feline family member!


  2. Glad you could salvage some of it. Darn cat.


  3. oh my goodness. I think your cat is lucky he’s not mine… there would have been severe repercussions. I’m amazed you managed to salvage any of it!


  4. Surely the cat needs time out? Poor you. Feeling for you.xx


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