Progress of a Sort

I got about 75% of the edging done on the sweater. Another day or two of serious work on it would probably finish it. However, I’ve put it aside for now because this bundle of sunshine arrived Friday:


I’ve put away the green sweater and all other projects for the time being because this one is on such a nerve-wrackingly tight deadline. Knitting is also my full-time job (and then some) for the next couple weeks, although that’s something I normally try to avoid. Sadly, I’m unable to show you what I’m working on. Instead, here is a picture of a particularly spoiled goat.


We found her at the county fair last night. How entitled!


5 responses to this post.

  1. I love sunshine yarn!


  2. You go to real extremes to avoid that cardigan! 😉


  3. […] forth a lot lately with the publisher and tech editor of that pattern collection I worked on all last summer and fall. These sort of things take an obscene amount of time compared to self-publishing, but it’s in […]


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