Late, but Accomplished

Okay okay okay. I know this is a day later than I’ve been posting. I hate to have left you hanging, but I’ve done SO many things in the last 48 hours, and I knew I’d have a better post for you if I waited. First, I finished the secret project I still can’t show you. What a ridiculous sprinting marathon that was. I wasn’t sure it was actually possible, so I’m feeling dang proud of myself at the moment. Luckily the other projects I have lined up for that published aren’t nearly as rushed. Sadly I won’t be able to show you those either.


I can show you that picture above though! That is where we went after I finished the unpublished project yesterday. My baseball-loving friend assures me it was a very big and hyped-up game (even though we lost horribly) and was beside herself with excitement when hubby managed to get some tickets through work. Apparently they’d sold out weeks ago. We had no idea.


I know “stitch and pitch” is a Thing, but last night it was very definitely August. It may have been evening and sub-90 out, but I felt a bit like I was the carrot(top) in a pot of soup, and couldn’t seem to find a rhythm for any serious  knitting. I may also have been a bit burned out from the new design. It was nice and cool on the trains though, and I had looooooots of time on them for knitting. Between it being prime tourist season in DC, the game being during rush hour on a weeknight, and last night being the baseball game that everyone in the world except our household apparently knew was the game to attend, it was an even longer trip than usual. I managed to knit the foot and turn the heel of the second green sock.

mohair sweater

Last but not least, look what I finished today!!!!!!!!! Yes, the lace weight mohair beast is DONE!!!! I kind of want to go put it in my suitcase for vacation now, even though it’ll be the only thing in there for a good bit yet. Donedonedonedonedone!!!


7 responses to this post.

  1. You have been busy! Love the mohair beast. So, so, so worth it.xx


  2. Your cardigan is totally gorgeous!


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