Vacation Part 1: Travel

Hubby and I are back from vacation and there is way too much to tell you about to fit into one post! So today I’m just going to talk about getting there (and you can assume getting back was pretty similar). I’ll cover the rest in a subsequent post or two.

Travel was actually a bit complicated and multi-faceted this time. To begin with, we flew to Heathrow. Flying is never fun, but it did give me an excuse to cast on a new project. My current projects were both on pointy metal dpns, and I didn’t want to risk any security complaints, so I practically had to start a new sweater, right? For those nice, safe plastic needles.Totally legit. We took a red-eye, so I was unfortunately not with it enough to take any pictures except for this really awful cell phone photo of the little plane we took to our layover.


Yeah, sorry about the quality of that. After we got in to Heathrow we hopped on a bus and took a pretty little drive through the English countryside to the port of Southampton.



That wound up taking longer than planned because the M3 is apparently taking traffic lessons from the Beltway. At least it was a fairly pretty drive! Once we got there we boarded a big ol’ boat and wound our way through the English Channel out to the North Sea.

pilot boat


Because we had a not-insignificant chunk of the North Sea to travel before reaching Norway, we had plenty of time to sample the ship’s amenities, knit in the lounges (okay maybe that was just me) and sample some new-to-us whiskies with our new (mostly British) friends.


Next post, Norway!


7 responses to this post.

  1. Wow! What a trip so far. I’m already jealous 🙂


  2. Now this sounds exciting!! I’m SO jelly right now. Have fun!


  3. Our roads are awful.


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