A Surprise Weekend Treat

The Husbeast was unexpectedly offered free last-minute tickets to see the Redskins game on Sunday, and being the awesome husband that he is he took me along. While I am not as big a football fan as hockey or soccer, I do enjoy football and I was definitely down for a chance to sit in a fancy-pants suite and watch it live.


So I stuffed a nice half-finished sleeve in my little purse (in case the Skins lost as badly as they usually do), we left the house rather impressively early, and made the long trek into Maryland and through the game-day crowds. I got lots of knitting done on the long train ride in, but definitely never thought to take a picture of it.  We fought our way (okay, maybe drifted is a better term for it) through the crowds to the stadium entrance only to be told that the “no large purses” rule was really more of a “no purses” rule, at which point they made me throw my purse away and a mad scramble ensued to stuff all its contents into a Ziploc. Luckily it really was a small purse and most of my things fit – there was just a bit of concern about the dpns poking through the plastic. Plus of course the concern that I was throwing away a perfectly good souvenir from my trip to the Alps. It was all worth it though when we got to our seats.


I’ve never seen a game from a suite before, and I have to say it was quite an experience. You can see from the photo above a that there was certainly more space than typical (!) and a nice spread of pregame munchies. What you can not see in that photo is the sheer volume of beer and soda in that mini-fridge, or the hot bar set up to the right with heavy duty “football food” for during the game. Towards the end of the game an amazing dessert bar also magically appeared. There were about a dozen of us in the suite and we all went home embarrassingly stuffed, I’ll bet. What you also can’t see in this photo is the view of the game.


Pretty excellent. We got there in plenty of time to watch the warm up, and also had a prime view for a rather decisive win!

warm up

I actually did wind up knitting quite a bit during the game, since there’s an awful lot of stopping and waiting in the NFL today. Knitting in public of course sparked plenty of conversation and an awesome mimed ode to the amazingness of my sleeve from a woman in the next suite. I wish I could have recorded it; she was adorable. By the 4th quarter I was working on the sleeve cap and people were going home because the winner of the game had clearly been decided, but the team wasn’t done scoring.

4th quarter

Clearly my presence in the suite was a good luck charm, and I should be invited back for every game. Right?


6 responses to this post.

  1. I can’t believe you had to throw away your purse! That seems crazy!


    • I agree. I can’t be the first person who took “no large purses” to mean that small purses were fine. You’d have thought they’d at least have a spot to leave them at your own risk or something.


  2. Clearly! 😉
    I’m a bit lost about having to throw away a souvenir purse. Couldn’t they have held it for you? My goodness, that’s such a shame. It couldn’t have been a woman to have come up with such an outlandish rule. I might have told them I can’t throw it away because my “Aunt Moody” was visiting. Would’ve loved to see their reaction to that, lol.


    • It is definitely a baffling rule. I wouldn’t have had such a problem with it if they’d advertised the rule better, but regardless it seems sure to cause an awful lot of waste. I’m also a bit confused why I’d be allowed to carry all the contents of my purse inside, but not the purse itself. Especially having emptied it in front of them! This is definitely the only time I’ve seen a policy like this, and I live in the Land of Crazy Security Procedures.


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