Puck Drop

It’s finally hockey (pre)season! I’ve been waiting for this day since June! In celebration, I’m releasing a new hockey-inspired pattern. My latest sweater Puck Drop is inspired by the hockey sweaters of the early league, but updated and tailored a bit to better suit today’s women.

puck drop

This sturdy game-time pullover features classic striping at the elbows as well as color changes around the neckline and placket which, in my personal favorite feature, laces up like a jersey. The tri-coloration lends itself nicely to the three dominant colors of most NHL teams, but it wouldn’t be hard to adapt for a two- or four-color team either.

puck drop detail

Puck Drop is a raglan that lends itself well to just a little positive ease. In the photos there’s about an inch of ease, which is just enough to wear a tank top or layering tee under it comfortably. Anywhere between .5 and 3 inches of ease will preserve the look and the layering ability.

puck drop full length

Puck Drop is knit in the round from the neckline down, with no seaming. This and the primarily stockinette body make it ideal for someone who has knit a sweater or two before, but isn’t interested in something especially challenging right now. It’s a great, spirited top perfect for easing you back into heavy duty winter knitting, and into hockey season! Anyone think they can get one done by the start of regular season? Three weeks to go!



8 responses to this post.

  1. Love it! I am more of an NFL fan but I think it could work just as well. And I think it could also be pretty in all one color especially something heathered.


  2. Habs? I can’t wait for the hockey season to start. Let’s Go Pens! 🙂


  3. Posted by frank on March 17, 2016 at 11:18 am

    can we buy this sweater ???


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