Miles and Miles

I’ve been a bit reluctant to post progress on anything I’m knitting lately because there honestly just isn’t much to show. I recently finished the last of a collection of patterns that will be coming out before too much longer, but because it isn’t published yet I can’t share! There’s also the Husbeast’s sweater, and I actually have gotten quite a bit done on that in the last week. His offer to do the Christmas driving definitely helped there. However…


As you can see, the sweater consists of approximately 23462783 miles of fingering weight, single color stockinette, and that’s just not interesting to look at. Not only that, but you have to add at least another 264 miles of stockinette before the photo will look noticeably different from the last one.


I have gotten a bit of spinning done this break though, and today I plied up a new skein of… the same ol’ blue-grey stuff I’ve definitely shown you before.


I’m at the point where stubborn desire to use all this fiber up before moving on to the next one is rapidly losing ground to, “Man I’m sick of spinning the exact same thing.” It looks like there’s so little of the blue-grey left, but I swear it’s breeding every time I turn my back. No matter how much I spin, there’s always the exact same amount of untouched fiber sitting in the cubby the next day.

So as you can see, I’ve been very productive. And I have almost nothing to show for it. Distract me: what fantabulous projects do you have going right now?


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  1. I currently have 2 projects the needles – a sweater for myself and a shawl for my mom – and a few projects in mind that I’m just itching to start – a pair of socks for my honeybee, a pair of socks for me, and a couple woven baby wraps for 2 pregnant friends 🙂


  2. Babies will definitely slow you down! I have absolutely nothing on my needles or hooks. Am casting about for something myself. Use bulky yarn to get those fast and gratuitous projects going, girl!


  3. I am almost finished robin hoodie and chilly podsters. Have ethereal diamonds on the needles, just because, another pair of chilly podsters to knot and i am really interested in aidez. Oyher than that, i am clueless. Well, no, haruni is being cast in as soon as robin hoodie is finished. I need to spend a bit of time browsing ravelry, which will be easy after getting my comuter fixed later today. Dont worry, inspiration will come! ( all those projects are on ravelry, i just dont know how to do links on my phone!)


    • Wow, that’s a lot of projects! I always liked the back of Aidez, myself.


      • I really want to abandon all my other projects and start it, bit i am trying to be disciplined. I always have alot of projects going, i get bored with a pattern, or the color, or doing cables or fingers, or i totally lose any ability i ever had to count, so switch back and forth often. Always have big things and small, for those moments i feel i need to see something finished RIGHT NOW!

      • Makes total sense!

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