“One More Row” and Other Lies

You know those little things we tell ourselves about crafting? Or perhaps you tell them to your loved ones. Those things we swear we mean in the moment, but we all know in reality aren’t ever going to actually happen. Here are my top 10. What are yours?

1. One more row.

I should really get to bed. Just one more row. Man, if I don’t work out soon it’s going to be too late to get any exercise in today. Just let me do one more row. Sure honey, I’ll go take out the trash. After I knit one more row.

2. I’m only going to knit from stash.

I have so much yarn it is overflowing my stash cubicles. There has to be enough in there to last through the yarnpocalypse. So how is it I don’t have any yarn for this project I’ve chosen?

yarn storage


3. This isn’t nearly enough knitting for this trip.

Yes, I’m only going to be gone a weekend. Yes, I will be driving for most of it, and unable to knit. Yes, I am only 25% done with this sweater. But what if I finish it?

4. I don’t need to swatch for this.

I’ve knit patterns like this a million times. I’ve knit with this yarn before. I’m sure it’ll fit fine.

5. I’m just going to hold onto this amazing skein until the perfect pattern comes along.

There is no perfect pattern. Perfect patterns do not exist. Besides, I like sweaters but somehow decided it would be brilliant to buy ONE skein. I have bought yarn art. I should just give up and put it on display as is.

6. I’m not a good enough knitter to do ____________.

Cables? Lace? Colorwork? I can’t do that. Sure, I’m perfectly smart in a dozen other arenas, I know 47 knitters who would be happy to give me tips, and the internet is a big, big place with lots of tutorials and videos. Yeah sure, the LYS offers lessons on this very topic. But I can’t buy this beautiful pattern I’m lusting over. I can’t do cables.



7. Everyone will notice that mistake.

Did I notice the mistake in my knitting bestie’s new sweater? Or the mistake in that lady’s hat at knit night? Has anyone ever commented on the dozens of mistakes in the photos I’ve no doubt posted on this blog? But this tiny, insignificant mistake on the sole of my sock? Everyone is going to notice. And they will all point and laugh.

8. No one will notice that mistake.

Ah, the other half of the lie. Okay, no one else will notice that little mistake I just found 98 rounds back in this sweater. But I will. I will notice every. single. time I wear the blasted thing. And I will cry. A lot.

9. I can totally knit and wear this whole sweater before it gets warm.

It is March 5, and I’ve never knit an entire sweater in less than a month. This one is also heavily cabled, tunic-length, and extremely warm. But I can totally get some use out of it before the weather turns. This sweater is special.

10. I will knit ALL of my presents!

Because I totally have time for that. And besides, everybody loves unsolicited hand-knits!


Maybe I should stick to cookies.


27 responses to this post.

  1. I’m fairly certain your list and my list are completely identical. And I’m equally certain my husband will attest to this truth.


  2. I love this post! I tell myself these lies all the time. One of my personal ones: “I will stick to one project at a time.” Never going to happen! I mean I need a TV project, a complex project, a in between project, and the list goes on.


  3. All right, girlie, you need to get over the cable thing. That beautiful sweater you showed is EASY. Add me to your list of people who would happily teach you! The rest of the list looks a lot like mine….!


  4. Hahah I loved this list!


  5. Love the list! 🙂


  6. Ha! All so true! How did you get inside my head like that…?


  7. Great post. All so true. Have a great weekend.x


  8. Hahaha! A brilliant and true post. The one about Christmas gifts in particular.


  9. Reblogged this on Kostbarkeiten and commented:


  10. So very true! 😀


  11. I loved your blog today! So many comments ring true to me ….. a mistake? who’ll notice it? Me? ….. one more row? why oh why did I stay up just doing one more, which turned into lots more, which means I am exhausted this morning ….. a weekend away, how much shall I take with me? what if I do by chance finish the item I am working on (as if I have that much knitting time?), I’d better take another project or two just in case…. Thanks for putting to paper what is always going on in my head! ha ha


  12. I’ll just knit another row and then post an answer!
    Great post!


  13. Excellent list! And how is it that that 1 mistake I decide I can live with & no one will notice always turns out to be so glaringly obvious to all?


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