Spun and Done

I have had this giant box of unknown blue-grey fiber sitting in my stash in two homes now, for a good four years.


This was maybe half the original.

It was a gift from Hubby’s sister back when we were engaged, and I have been spinning it for.ever. Initially I spun it on my very first drop spindle, and the first skein was pretty unusable.


I kept plugging away, and eventually got my beloved wheel which made the spinning much faster. Eventually it became a garter stitch beret and a ladder stitch cowl, and there was still more. Lots more.


I kind of settled into spinning and plying it to be more or less worsted weight, and I’ve been stockpiling it in my stash. Today, I finally, finally spun the very. last. bit.

last skein

63 beautiful grams of the very last skein of this stuff! Done done done done done! Paired with the other skeins, I think I have about 550 yards of roughly worsted weight two-ply. What should I make with it?



3 responses to this post.

  1. That looks very professional. Well done you. Whatever you choose to make, make sure that it is something you will wear.


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