March is the Cruelest Month

Yesterday it was in the upper-40s here, and rained heavily. By evening most of the snow on the ground had melted off, and I noticed that my hyacinths were peeping up through the mulch out back! It was fabulous, and I wanted to share with ya’ll, but it was twilight already. So this morning I got up and aimed my camera out the window at the flower bed…

snowy hyacinths

Crap. It’s definitely snowing again. I knew it was in the forecast, but as warm as it was yesterday I just didn’t quite believe it would really happen. At the time of that photo there was about an inch on the ground, and my poor hyacinths may already have been done for.


By the time we took the pup out for a romp after lunch – and boy does she ever romp when there’s snow on the ground – there was probably about 6 inches on the ground. At this point, the snow is up to about the middle of the wheels on the cars in the street – so 8 inches? Maybe? It is still snowing quite hard.

hot cocoa

Hubby and I are thoroughly snowed in. That means it’s time for hot cocoa (with a shot of Bailey’s, because this weather is not fair), Netflix, and a nice WIP for me. Come and get me when it’s spring.

P.S. I’m taking advantage of the extra time at home to make some plans for an upcoming KAL. Come take my polls here; I could really use your input!

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  1. It was snowing here earlier today. I am so ready for spring! Hope your hyacinths make it! I love Bailey’s in my coffee, never thought about putting it in my hot cocoa! What a wonderful idea! Need to finish up a few projects I have on the needles. Maybe the snow will inspire me to get busy on them.


  2. March IS the cruelest month. Spring so close and then BRRRRRR! So unfair.


  3. At first, when I read “upper 40s”, I thought you meant centigrade- and I thought oh no, poor thing, she’s as hot as we are !!! Then I got to “snow” and realised my error…. 🙂


  4. We are expecting unseasonably warm weather here this weekend so we have some warmth to spare. I shall send some your way.xx


  5. Conversely, I always feel that the hot weather is at this time of year. Commiserations!


  6. It seems like everyone either got too much or too little snow. Here in Wisconsin, we have had no snow days — not one!


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