I DO Believe in Spring, I do, I do!



GREEN. The hyacinths have made an appearance, although worryingly the crocus have not. There are daffodil shoots poking their heads out of the leaves too! Every year the calendar says spring is coming, and every year, towards the end, I worry that it might not actually be true. But here is evidence!

I don’t even care that my kitchen floors will look like this for the next 2 months,


or that my shoes and dog won’t look any better. I’m not sad about putting away knitting because honestly? Air conditioning is frigid here in Virginia. The knits will be made and worn all summer long. Besides, we’ve still got a few more weeks of frosty mornings for hats and blanket knitting. I went for a run today. Outside. As if I live someplace humans actually want to live. Spring might actually, finally be here. So excited!!


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  1. Ahhhh, fresh green shoots. Early spring is such an optimistic time. 🙂


  2. Posted by Sanderella's on March 11, 2015 at 12:35 am

    My daffodils are coming up, and yes so exciting to watch them grow each day. I just ordered some Dutch Iris bulbs from Brecks….I don’t get them until October, but that is perfectly fine with me. I love planting bulbs and over time I hope to have quite a collection of them. I have one hyacinth bulb, need more…and I really want to get on with a collection of peonies…my very favorites! ❤


    • I love the irises the previous owners left in our side yard, and I’m hoping they’re better bloomers this year, now that I’ve divided them. I “need” more hyacinths too – I have them planted under the bedroom window so I can smell them all through open window season. Divine!


      • Posted by Sanderella's on March 11, 2015 at 9:54 pm

        How lucky you are! I found out the one’s I ordered from Breck’s ship out in October….daffodils are coming up though, and today…I planted gladiolus not many….I bought a bag of 50! Good Lord, I will be busy again tomorrow! Lol. I also planted a flat of Orange Bush Ice Plants….the color is divine and those were planted in front of the glads which is near the orange tree, so when they come up, should be pretty. I have one hyacinth bulb. They are 4.95 per bulb here….so for bulbs like that for me…one at a time! I also love peonies…4.95 a bulb!

      • Wow, I got my hyacinths for $2 apiece, but they were on sale. I have 10, and can’t wait for them to start multiplying. I’ve never tried peonies or even seen Orange Bush Ice Plants! I am way jealous you can grow citrus – our winters are too cold here!

  3. I hate Arctic cold air conditioning. Happy to see your bulbs peaking through… Hooray.


  4. Enjoy watching Spring arrive!!


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