Ice Blossoms

The next pattern in my series with Salt River Mills is a gorgeous lace scarf called Ice Blossoms. Ice blossoms (aka frost flowers) are a natural phenomenon that occurs when thin ribbons of ice are extruded from pores in the soil or cracks in plant stems during the coldest parts of winter. There’s nothing quite like a shiny “flower” in the dead of winter, whether they’re from ice or a cozy Suri-silk blend!

ice blossoms detail

The best part about this elegant lace scarf? It’s completely reversible! I am a serious sucker for reversible scarves, and reversible lace in particular. For more info and pictures, be sure to check out the pattern pages on Ravelry and the North American Suri Co. site.

ice blossoms close


9 responses to this post.

  1. I love reversible scarves. So much easier to wear. Great pattern.


  2. I really like the little stories from designers about their designs. I have never seen or heard of ice flowers before but like the idea and can see how your design could be like them. Great idea. ☺️


  3. I love this pattern stitch and knitted it last year, it was hell … every row takes concentration. Recently I have seen garments with short sleeves and it makes a gorgeous sleeve, but alas it is too complicated for me to attempt again.


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