That Wandering Eye

I love wearing lightweight sweaters, and I mostly like knitting them. Of the 35 sweaters I’ve put on to Ravelry (because I can’t begin to remember the ones I made pre-Ravelry), a lucky 13 of them have been sport weight or lighter. Clearly I don’t hate fine-gauge sweaters.

tangled back

BUT. There comes a point in every sweater’s creation, usually sometime around the sleeves, where my eye begins to wander. I can’t help but notice all the other sexy little projects out there, and wonder how I got stuck with this dud. I know in my heart there’s not anything wrong with my poor little sweater in progress. It hasn’t done anything to deserve my scorn.

old town progress

I’m just tired of it. I need a quick dalliance with a sweet little something on the side, then I’ll go back to being a loyal sweater knitter. I swear.

I’m leaning towards making a Chill Pill, mostly because I think it would be fun to throw at my coworkers during whiny team meetings (we’re a bit of a silly bunch). Totally understandable, right?


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  1. Posted by meluvsquki on September 23, 2015 at 6:23 pm

    I’m constantly cheating on my main project, usually a garment, with socks. Sometimes things get a little out of control and socks just take over my life and that’s all I knit, even though I should be focusing on my main project.


    • The funny thing is, I almost always have multiple projects going at once. I don’t know what’s with me lately that I’ve been serially monogamous with my projects. Maybe just too many designs with deadlines. I think it’s time to go back to my old project-philandering ways.


  2. Of course there is a lot of knitting in lightweight pullovers – I can totally understand your need for some distraction now and again!


  3. All right, girl. The chill pill looks absolutely fun and whimsical – just like a dalliance should be! Just as long as you go back to your sweater, go ahead. We’ll be watching you – teehee!


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