Hubby and I had a lovely long weekend away. I did get a few hours of knitting time in, but the sweater really doesn’t look appreciably different so there’s not much point in another photo. I promise it’s in the home stretch though! Since there are no knitting photos to entertain you with, how about some weekend photos?

It was rainy and gross the first evening and morning we were there, but we made up for it by lounging around until embarrassingly late and then getting Duck Donuts. If you are lucky enough to live in an area that has Duck Donuts, you should definitely try them. Such an awesome treat, especially when they’re still warm.

duck donuts

Once the weather cleared up a bit we visited Colonial Williamsburg like always, and watched some re-enactors in town for an event. Being the hockey obsessed household that we are though, we made sure to leave in plenty of time to catch the season home-opener on tv that evening.


After the game we came back and did a ghost tour because…well, because October, that’s why. No ghosts (shocker), but it was fun!

williamsburg gaol

We spent a day at Busch Gardens too, which is always fun but is extra fun this time of year because they’re all decked out for Halloween. Are you noticing a theme on this trip? Every evening they open up a collection of haunted houses and flood the park with actors in spooky costumes, and they really do go all out. So fun!

wendigo woods

It was so hard to come back to work yesterday, but so completely worth it. Now to crack down on this sweater…


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  1. Colonial Williamsburg is always a good time. I love to visit around Christmas 🙂


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