I am having a whiny, discontent sort of day. There’s no real excuse for it – work and home are pretty much normal, I’m not sick, and I’m getting plenty of sleep. It’s not even that cold out. I’m going to go ahead and blame it on the lack of daylight hours.

eloina heel

Regardless, I’m feeling petulant and unsatisfied about absolutely ridiculous things. Eloina’s cables are still awesome, but my inner toddler really seems to feel I should be done with the first sock by now. She wants to work on Brumby Jill or Hubby’s replacement Irish Moss gloves. Or a sweater, or even a different pair of socks. Because who needs sense when you can just whine?

irish moss gloves

Likewise, I have a kitchen full of food and absolutely nothing to eat, according to my totally reasonable brain. Dinner’s going to take entirely too much effort to prepare, but all the things that would be quick to prepare sound gross today. WTF, brain?

Even a run (in the chilly, dimly lit damp) didn’t pull me out of my funk. Exercise and a hot shower are usually the perfect antidote to moods like this. Maybe I need to break out the big guns and find me some cashmere. Or Jack Daniels. Cuz seriously, I’m annoying myself.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I have days like that all too often! You’ll feel more like your non-whiny self soon.


  2. I hate days like that! I’m having a bad day too, but that’s because I crunched my husband’s car door on a tree in the wee hours this morning. Hope your mood lifts soon.


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