All Feel Good Knitting patterns use a standard set of abbreviations. If you find an unfamiliar one, check here to find out what it means!

alt alternate

approx approximately

bef before

beg begin[ning]

BO bind off

CC contrasting color

cn cable needle

CO cast on

cont continue [ed/ing]

dc double crochet

dec decrease[ed/ing]

dpn double pointed needles[s]

foll follow[ing]

g grams

inc increase[d/ing]

incl including

k knit

k tbl knit through back of loop

k2tog knit two together

kfb knit into front and back of stitch

m marker

MB make bobble

MC main color

m1 Make 1 stitch (see tutorial for variations)

m1l make one left

m1lpw make one left, purlwise

m1r make one right

m1rpw make one right purlwise

mm millimeters

mult multiple

opp opposite

oz ounces

p purl

p2tog purl two together

patt pattern[s]

pfb purl into front and back of stitch

pm place marker

psso pass slipped stitch[es] over

rem remain[ing]

rep repeat

rev reverse

rev st st reverse stockinette stitch

RS right side

rnd[s] round[s]

sc single crochet

sk2p slip 1 stitch, knit two together, pass slipped stitch over

ssk slip 2 stitches as if to knit, then knit those 2 stitches together

ssp slip 2 stitches as if to purl, then purl those 2 stitches together

sl slip

sl st slip stitch

st[s] stitch[es]

st st stockinette stitch

tbl through back loop[s]

tc triple crochet

tog together

WS wrong side[s]

w&t wrap stitch and turn work (tutorial)

wyif with yarn in front

wyib with yarn in back

YO yarn over

* * repeat directions between ** as many times as indicated

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