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A Surprise Weekend Treat

The Husbeast was unexpectedly offered free last-minute tickets to see the Redskins game on Sunday, and being the awesome husband that he is he took me along. While I am not as big a football fan as hockey or soccer, I do enjoy football and I was definitely down for a chance to sit in a fancy-pants suite and watch it live.


So I stuffed a nice half-finished sleeve in my little purse (in case the Skins lost as badly as they usually do), we left the house rather impressively early, and made the long trek into Maryland and through the game-day crowds. I got lots of knitting done on the long train ride in, but definitely never thought to take a picture of it.  We fought our way (okay, maybe drifted is a better term for it) through the crowds to the stadium entrance only to be told that the “no large purses” rule was really more of a “no purses” rule, at which point they made me throw my purse away and a mad scramble ensued to stuff all its contents into a Ziploc. Luckily it really was a small purse and most of my things fit – there was just a bit of concern about the dpns poking through the plastic. Plus of course the concern that I was throwing away a perfectly good souvenir from my trip to the Alps. It was all worth it though when we got to our seats.


I’ve never seen a game from a suite before, and I have to say it was quite an experience. You can see from the photo above a that there was certainly more space than typical (!) and a nice spread of pregame munchies. What you can not see in that photo is the sheer volume of beer and soda in that mini-fridge, or the hot bar set up to the right with heavy duty “football food” for during the game. Towards the end of the game an amazing dessert bar also magically appeared. There were about a dozen of us in the suite and we all went home embarrassingly stuffed, I’ll bet. What you also can’t see in this photo is the view of the game.


Pretty excellent. We got there in plenty of time to watch the warm up, and also had a prime view for a rather decisive win!

warm up

I actually did wind up knitting quite a bit during the game, since there’s an awful lot of stopping and waiting in the NFL today. Knitting in public of course sparked plenty of conversation and an awesome mimed ode to the amazingness of my sleeve from a woman in the next suite. I wish I could have recorded it; she was adorable. By the 4th quarter I was working on the sleeve cap and people were going home because the winner of the game had clearly been decided, but the team wasn’t done scoring.

4th quarter

Clearly my presence in the suite was a good luck charm, and I should be invited back for every game. Right?

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!



Hope you and yours are warm, cozy, and loved today…



Whether you’re celebrating or not. 😉



Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! Happy Thursday, everyone else!


We are having a cozy, delicious time in our little house. It’s hard to tell what’s more stuffed – our house or our bellies.


Hope you’re having a good day too!

P.S. I’m having a sale! From Small Business Saturday (11/30) through Cyber Monday (12/2), all patterns in my store will be 20% off. This would be a great way to get in on the Gift-A-Long for cheap, too!

Moral Support

You guys are fantastic! I did force myself to commit to one (okay, two) project(s) for a while, and wonderful things have happened.

shell bag


I finished the Lace Shell Basket that’s been languishing in my WIPs pile since summer, and stuffed it full of all our hats and scarves and whatnot (See my Smitten Glittens peeping out of the top? I wear those so much they’re starting to come apart).

black hole


I also finally finished the other front of my Black Hole cardi, and started a sleeve. That sleeve is actually twice as long as it looks, because I had to rip back and cast on with waaaaay fewer stitches than called for. Still, I have been productive and stayed committed. Thanks for the moral support!

The Operation Gratitude Collection

I’m excited to finally share with you my latest e-book, the Operation Gratitude Collection. This one’s free, because I’m hoping knitters will choose to send their FOs off in care packages, or otherwise be generous with them. There are 3 patterns in this collection, all of which are reversible and all of which are on the easy side compared to many of my patterns.

commando watch cap

The Commando Watch Cap is probably the most difficult of the patterns, as it requires you to be able to work in the round as well as to k2tog and p2tog. It is a nice, generic beanie which looks interesting enough to keep me happy, but my husband assures me is “plain” enough to keep actual servicemen happy.


commando scarf

Its mate the Commando Scarf is even simpler, requiring only knit and purl stitches with no decreases. It is also worked flat, but matches the hat nicely.


sgt reckless

The third and final pattern in the collection is the Sgt. Reckless Scarf, named after a rather famous warhorse in American history. This scarf requires the same beginner-friendly skills as the other scarf in this e-book, but also provides an opportunity to practice changing colors and attaching new yarn.

All in all this is a bit of a departure from my usual work, but I’m proud of it and hope that you’ll at least take a peek. And if you’re wondering about the collection name – yes, I am donating the samples to Operation Gratitude.


I wore my Brambleton socks to work yesterday, and for the first few hours of the day literally no one noticed, or at least said anything. Then “shared reading” (the new, testing-era term for story time) happened, and suddenly there were children sitting at my feet. They. Were. Fascinated.

Brambleton- Back Detail

“Miss, are those socks?! Whoooaaaa” came a dozen different voices. There’s nothing quite like the awe of an elementary schooler is there? Of course, then came an entire story time full of students petting me and tracing the cables on my socks. But petting the teacher (and each other, and their pencil toppers, and the carpet, and…) is a surprisingly common thing with young kids, so you learn to just carry on uninterrupted.

Amusingly I’ve gotten pretty similar reactions from a plethora of non-knitters about the current take-along WIP, my Mohair Cardigan. Pretty much every non-crafter who’s seen it has had a similar awe reaction to a small child – “Whoooaa, yarn can do that?”


They’re utterly enthralled by its fuzzy transparency and drape, and frequently follow their “whoa” with a story about Mom/Grandma’s scratchy sweaters with yarn from the local megastore, or perhaps a whispered, “Maybe I should learn to knit”. My answer to that comment, of course, is always a resounding yes. It’s nice to still be able to inspire people!

A Few Charity Knits

Over the weekend I finished the scarf I was knitting for Operation Gratitude.



Since I still had a fair bit of the skein of Fisherman’s Wool left and a bit of room left in the shipping box, I cast on for a matching hat.



This is pretty much the current “purse project”, so it’ll probably be done some time around the end of the month. Then it’ll be time for some quick photos (maybe I can get my USMC hubby to pose in them!) and into the mail they’ll go. Hope they go someplace they’ll be loved!

Operation Gratitude

Since my last attempt at a nice, mindless project didn’t go so well, and I still have lots of hours of waiting around ahead of me in the next few weeks, I’ve decided to try again. I’m going to make a nice, simple diagonal rib scarf for Operation Gratitude, a charity that sends care packages to deployed U.S. servicemen as well as those wounded in combat. As a veteran’s wife and a knitter, it seemed like a pretty nice way to burn through some stash.


I’m going to host a little KAL/CAL in my Ravelry group if anyone’s interested in joining. All the relevant details can be found here, and donations to servicemen in other (non-US) militaries are also welcome. It’s a great way to use up some stash!

Anniversary Sale!

Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary, and I’m feeling mushy and generous. So, today all purchases in my Ravelry store are $2 off! What will you buy?







Or one of my other fabulous patterns?

No Words

There are no words to accurately describe all the weirdness going down in the U.S. this week. Surreal is about the closest I can get. So, rather than try (and fail) to add anything meaningful to any of the situations, I’m going to take a moment to just be grateful.

It rained this morning, which means we are not in a drought or at a significant fire risk.



In spite of this morning’s rain, my car currently looks like this. That means we are getting enough sunshine and warmth to avoid floods and allow everything to grow all healthy and beautiful.

I have a steady job and a safe home in a town where absolutely no one has been killed this week. I have fresh food in the kitchen and the garden, and the time and resources to cook it with ease. I have luxuries like knitting, and I know where all of my loved ones are today.

lace border

Seasonally appropriate knitting, even.

This week, I am feeling really, really lucky.

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