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Snow Day!

So for the last two days, this has been happening:


Which, as I live in a state that shuts down when it snows, means a lot of this has been happening as well:


and this:

bread dough

and finally, finally this:


I could get used to this snow day business.

I Survived!

It felt like a close call from time to time, but I managed to survive to Winter Break! Time to put up some decorations,


bake some cookies,


and finish some knitting.


Return to sanity: begin.

P.S. Because I know you’ll ask, the hat pattern is Kris Carlson’s Nubby.

Falling for Fall

Although just days ago it was still in the mid-80s, Fall has arrived completely and thoroughly, almost over night. Most days are in the 70s already, the trees are beginning to change noticeably,


Wish I could get a panoramic of the courtyard for you, but this will do too.

and the nights are getting clear and chilly. It’s funny how the onset of Fall makes me want to be outside just as much as summer did. Now instead of sitting on the balcony sipping something cold though, I want to throw on boots and a cowl and go for a nice, long hike.


Maybe a moonlight hike. Or a corn maze.

I want to do all the typical fall things, like corn mazes and county fairs and eating lots and lots of apples and pumpkins. My kitchen is definitely showing the evidence of that craving.



The biggest itch Fall brings though is the knitting. Cowls are a new one for me – I’ve never really worn them before. I think I have Pinterest to blame for that one. Cozy cardigans and light, mixed-fiber pullovers though? Scarves and hats to be finished in time for winter? There just aren’t enough hours in the day for all the knitting I want to do. Especially with that silly day job taking up my time.   😉


Sometimes feeling good requires us to take a moment out of our day to actually pay attention. Once I take the time to tune in, I find I invariably feel better than I did just a moment ago. So in no particular order, here are 5 things making me feel good at this moment:

1. The stretch of gorgeous weather that is making my Sky Scarf look like this lately:


2. Blossoms on my tomato plants!!!

3. The tsoureki my family is about to devour.


4. The drool-inducing smell of the ciabatta currently in the oven for Easter dinner (yeah, we’re pretty shameless bread fiends around here).

5. The knowledge that my husband and I get an entire day tomorrow to lay around and do absolutely nothing. Bliss!

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