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Whatcom Falls

Fall is here and with it a bit of a chill to the air! Keep that chill off your shoulders with my new shawlette, Whatcom Falls.


This little scrap of lacy goodness is inspired by the colors and land features of the Pacific Northwest, as well as one really fun care package. Whatcom Falls is ideal for this time of year. It makes a great transition piece to carry your summer clothes for just a few more weeks.


The beads also add a bit of glitter and sophistication to those increasingly long, cool evenings. Not to mention, they’re just fun to knit with!


Hubby and I had a lovely long weekend away. I did get a few hours of knitting time in, but the sweater really doesn’t look appreciably different so there’s not much point in another photo. I promise it’s in the home stretch though! Since there are no knitting photos to entertain you with, how about some weekend photos?

It was rainy and gross the first evening and morning we were there, but we made up for it by lounging around until embarrassingly late and then getting Duck Donuts. If you are lucky enough to live in an area that has Duck Donuts, you should definitely try them. Such an awesome treat, especially when they’re still warm.

duck donuts

Once the weather cleared up a bit we visited Colonial Williamsburg like always, and watched some re-enactors in town for an event. Being the hockey obsessed household that we are though, we made sure to leave in plenty of time to catch the season home-opener on tv that evening.


After the game we came back and did a ghost tour because…well, because October, that’s why. No ghosts (shocker), but it was fun!

williamsburg gaol

We spent a day at Busch Gardens too, which is always fun but is extra fun this time of year because they’re all decked out for Halloween. Are you noticing a theme on this trip? Every evening they open up a collection of haunted houses and flood the park with actors in spooky costumes, and they really do go all out. So fun!

wendigo woods

It was so hard to come back to work yesterday, but so completely worth it. Now to crack down on this sweater…

Soggy Geese

The geese are flying south in huge flocks and the weather has cooled off significantly, so fall is definitely here. Unfortunately, most of the leaves on the ground at the moment are due to the storms last week/early this week and not due to the change in seasons. We are a bit soggy but otherwise unharmed here, since Joaquin thankfully turned east and avoided us.

old town progress

Old Town is still as huge and unfinished as ever. Hubby and I are going out of town this weekend, which will give me a couple hours of knitting time in the car. However, since this is supposed to be a romantic weekend away before he leaves the country for several weeks, car knitting will probably be balanced by almost no knitting the rest of the weekend.

There’s really only several (hundred?) miles of mindless stockinette left at this point, so maybe I’ll plan a Netflix marathon or two and knock it out while the dude’s in Spain. My Netflix queue is rather lacking in marathon fodder though. Any suggestions? I love horror, both the scary kind and the incredibly cheesy B-movie kind (I’m looking at you, Syfy Originals!), and travel/culture and history related shows. Help me, readers, you’re this cardigan’s only hope!

Fall is Coming

There are rain clouds gathering outside, promising to bring an end to what is likely the last 90+ degree day of the calendar year. It’s been stunningly dry here the last couple weeks, so the garden and I are looking forward to a good dousing. The break in the heat should make me feel a bit less weird about working on this beauty too:

old town progress

Although 85 really still isn’t sweater weather (at least outdoors), at least the fact that it’s cooler should make it feel a little more fall-like, right? I’m not especially dying for an end to summer, but since school is back in session and the stores are full of Halloween candy, I wouldn’t be too upset by the arrival of fall either. At least the rate of pretty on my Ravelry feed should pick up!


Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! Happy Thursday, everyone else!


We are having a cozy, delicious time in our little house. It’s hard to tell what’s more stuffed – our house or our bellies.


Hope you’re having a good day too!

P.S. I’m having a sale! From Small Business Saturday (11/30) through Cyber Monday (12/2), all patterns in my store will be 20% off. This would be a great way to get in on the Gift-A-Long for cheap, too!

Fall Fun, Sold Separately

Many of you will remember my e-book Private Reserve that came out last fall. Well, if you’ve been eyeing up one of the patterns but didn’t want to shell out for the whole book, I have great news. All of the patterns in Private Reserve are now sold separately!

Been longing for a new Crush?


Dying for some cute new boot toppers and a matching cowl, like Bâtonnage?


What about a fun pair of novelty socks like Grape Juice?

grape juice


If you like several of the patterns it is definitely still cheaper to buy the e-book, but if you’ve just been drooling over that one special pattern – now you can have it! Be sure to check out all 7 patterns today.


It’s been a while since I’ve given you guys a new pattern, but cool weather is coming and it’s time to kick up the pattern releases! Let’s start today with the lovely Brambleton.

Brambleton- Whole Sock

Knee socks like these are great for fall because they let you wear those shorter skirts and dresses just a few more weeks without freezing your poor legs. These particular socks are extra great because you don’t have to hide them inside your shoes – the cuffs are meant for showing off, even in boots!

Brambleton - Boots

Brambleton also features a fun little cable up the back just for added interest amid the miles of plain knitting involved in socks this tall. These adventurous toe-up socks are definitely not for the novice knitter, but they are well worth the effort.

Brambleton-Back Cable

The pattern comes with calculations done for small, medium, and large sizes, but it also includes tips at every step for customizing your fit.  This means that even if your feet or calves are a significantly different size than “average”, you can still have a perfect fit. So be sure check out Brambleton today!

Brambleton - Cuff Detail


buy now

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, American readers! Happy “it’s still a good day to be thankful”, everyone else!


I’ve got a warm home, a full belly, and excellent company. Don’t know that I could be much more thankful today.


Psst – 20% off all patterns in my store all day Saturday, November 24 for Small Business Saturday!

Private Reserve

It’s FINALLY here! The book my blog built (or at least, encouraged) is finally published! I am thrilled to introduce Private Reserve, a collection of wine-themed accessories and home goods. As a special thank-you to all my loyal readers who commented and encouraged me to make this book happen, I am offering 25% off the book price now through Wednesday. Simply use the code BLOGME during checkout or click here to purchase.

Without further ado, the patterns:


       Bâtonnage, a lacy cowl and matching boot toppers




Aeration, a customizable wine cozy



Vitis, an e-reader cover with a grape leaf motif



Vinifera, a vine-cabled e-reader cozy with felt grape leaves.


grape juice

Grape Juice, a fun pair of socks with vines on the feet and bunches of grapes on the legs.

Grape Juice


Crush, a lattice cabled cowl and beret.


raspberry merlot

Raspberry Merlot – our old friend who *will* still be available as a separate, free download.

Raspberry Merlot

Bon appetit!


Hurricane Sandy has apparently set her sights on Virginia, although she’ll likely be nothing but remnants by the time she gets here. This in itself is nothing special. We live on the coast. It’s a bit later in the year than normal, but not notably. Apparently she’ll be arriving at the same time as a cold front from the opposite direction though, which I’m told makes it a big deal. Local media is making a huge, dire-sounding drama of it, and many of my coworkers have already decided we’ll have Monday and/or Tuesday off. There are long lines at all the grocery stores too, and since it’s very dark and a bit drizzly here people are screaming that the storm’s hit early.

I am not yet impressed. Wind, rain, and mild to moderate flooding are pretty common things in this town. This so called “Frankenstorm” mash-up could turn out to be every bit as big a deal as they’re saying, but it seems equally likely it’ll just be 3 days of rain. At least it doesn’t seem like it’ll miss us entirely, the way some doom-and-gloom forecasts do.

Nonetheless, I have made sure I’m well-stocked on all the important things, at least:


I think you’ll agree I’m well prepared.

I’m not holding my breath yet, but if you don’t hear from me for a week or so, you’ll know we lost power.

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