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This might be the most painfully adorable thing I’ve ever knitted. It’s going to kill me to sit on it for a month, now that it’s complete.


Helena,by Alison Green


It is so, so cute and I’m almost sad I won’t be working on it anymore. I (obviously) went with a shorter sleeve than the pattern calls for, since she’ll be an April baby. I also replaced the edging with a more traditional picot. Otherwise, this is as written and I am totally in love.


Quick Update

Baby knitting-wise, I think I’ve come to a decision. I was torn between the Helena cardigan and the Design C Textured Cardigan, but yesterday Mama Coworker mentioned casually to me that she was so sick of Batman (her son’s current obsession) and football (her husband’s obsession) and couldn’t wait to do pink and frilly and girly-girl with the new baby. Helena has picot edging and pretty ribbons in addition to the lace, so that sold me.

Helena by Alison Green Will, photo also by Alison Green Will

Helena by Alison Green Will, photo also by Alison Green Will

I’ve also been busily spinning away on the luscious silk-merino blend I mentioned a few posts back. My yarn is getting more consistent, but it’s still not quite where I want it to be. While there were fewer slubs this time, there are still some. It’s also noticeably thicker at the end of the cop than it was at the beginning, although the change was slow enough that I didn’t notice it while I was spinning. Frustrating. It is pretty and does feel nice though.


Can’t quite get the colors to photograph right…

Most of my knitting time has been spent on samples lately. I sure wish I could share some of those with you!

In which I am a slacker

So I’ve been slacking. Not on the knitting front, or designing, or spinning. I’ve done a lot of each of those lately. Can’t share most of it with you (see: designing), but there’s been a lot of it. No, I’ve been slacking because one of the wonderful women I share my classroom with is pregnant. Like, due in April pregnant. Like, I’ve had a lot of time to plan for this pregnant. And what have I knit for her? Not a stitch.

I have this:

comfort dk

She’s expecting a girl.

but no idea what to do with it. It’s Berroco Comfort DK, and while it looks awfully thin for DK to me, Ravelers don’t seem to have had any trouble getting gauge. I have 356 yards (326 meters) of it and no inspiration. Every time I go to browse Rav I get annoyed and frustrated by the number of non-babies that come up when I search “newborn”, and then I conveniently find something better to do. Help?

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