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I Do, In Fact, Have Internet

Hi all. It occurs to me I haven’t updated in…2 weeks? I’m still here, but we had an unexpected death in the family and we’ve all been scrambling to stay afloat, so the blog has kind of fallen by the wayside. Hopefully next week I’ll get up a proper post, but in the mean time here are a couple quick and dirty photos of the Flaming June sweater. It’s been done for ages but I somehow never managed to post photos or mark in done on Ravelry!



Happy Halloween!


Purple People Eater

That was my nickname as a child. While purple is no longer my favorite color, there certainly has been an abundance of it around here lately. We seem to be in the “purple period” in the garden. Literally the only things blooming right now are purple flowers.


Specifically, while the crocus are pretty much done, we have hyacinths and anemone going. Please forgive the leaves everywhere; our white oak held on to some of its leaves all through the winter, but has apparently decided April seems like a good time to shed them.

In addition to the purple outside, a field trip and a party last weekend mean I had plenty of time to work on my purse socks. Indeed, one is finished!

purse socks

It uses the same cable as the Flutter sweater, with two of them on the instep and four on the leg. And of course, it’s purple!


It’s been a while since I’ve given you guys a new pattern, but cool weather is coming and it’s time to kick up the pattern releases! Let’s start today with the lovely Brambleton.

Brambleton- Whole Sock

Knee socks like these are great for fall because they let you wear those shorter skirts and dresses just a few more weeks without freezing your poor legs. These particular socks are extra great because you don’t have to hide them inside your shoes – the cuffs are meant for showing off, even in boots!

Brambleton - Boots

Brambleton also features a fun little cable up the back just for added interest amid the miles of plain knitting involved in socks this tall. These adventurous toe-up socks are definitely not for the novice knitter, but they are well worth the effort.

Brambleton-Back Cable

The pattern comes with calculations done for small, medium, and large sizes, but it also includes tips at every step for customizing your fit.  This means that even if your feet or calves are a significantly different size than “average”, you can still have a perfect fit. So be sure check out Brambleton today!

Brambleton - Cuff Detail


buy now

Messy Bead Problems

In this post I mentioned ordering new beads because I didn’t have enough to complete the shawl the way I wanted. As it turns out, while the beads were sold under the same name they are not the same. The beads I’ve been using are discontinued. Crud.

I went out and bought a massive load of new purple beads, but because they don’t match the originals either, I had to rip out all my progress (*sob*) and start again. Then, because this is a self-published pattern and I’m not contracted to any other company, I went ahead and changed the initial lace pattern too. This is one of several reasons I love to self-publish – if I decide on a whim a change will improve my pattern, there’s absolutely no reason I can’t change it. No company will feel cheated or surprised or like they didn’t get what they’ve paid for, and I don’t ever feel obligated to publish what I feel is less than my best. It’s a total win.

new lace

Here’s the new lace, unblocked.

Messy Memorial Day

Memorial Day is always a bit “messy” in our household because it’s not an abstract holiday for us, but there’s a bit of extra messy going on today. The shawl is coming along,


Unblocked lace is boring.

but I’ve had to order another pack of beads because there seems to be a disproportionate lack of purple beads in this particular pack. Because this part of the shawl has lace on both sides (as opposed to simply purling, or knitting, the WS rows) it’s also been really slow going. Well, that’s the excuse I’m using anyway. 😉

feel good banner

Additionally, another upcoming design is now ready for test-knitting. This one’s a little adventurous compared to many of my patterns, in part because there are so many suggestions for personalizing it. These cabled knee-highs are not a first-sock pattern, but especially if you participated in my calf poll, we’d love to have you!


Sneak peek of the pattern!

Finally, my apartment is incredibly messy today because we are packing! Our offer has been accepted on a very cute rambler much closer to work, so barring any disasters during the inspection, we are going to become homeowners! I’m suddenly very aware of what an absolute disaster my fiber “corner” has become. Might be time to do a “before and after” for future Messy Mondays!

Fiber Therapy

It’s hard to believe this break is almost over. Despite it being a lot more busy than I would have hoped, I still had plenty of time for fibery goodness. First I swatched up a bit of colorwork for a change and sent off a submission for a new design.


Then there was also that sleeve I posted about Monday, which I’ve since reworked successfully. I also finished some lovely cabling for a design that’ll probably be released in late summer or early fall. I took the occasion to put together a nice little tutorial on grafting cables as well. That’ll come out next week.


The main thing I’ve actually indulged in this week is spinning, though. I have been on a serious spinning kick. It included an utterly failed attempt at Andean plying which we won’t talk about. It also resulted in all the lovely 2-ply below though, which is growing ever more even but I suspect still not quite even enough to replace store-bought in a pattern. Not a clue what I’ll use it for yet, but it sure is pretty!


A Mission

I have a mission for my readers (and myself). My best friend is getting married in September, and since we will likely be outside for at least part of her evening reception, I’d like to make myself a nice, lacy shawl. The catch is it needs to go with my bridesmaid dress. I already have the perfect beads to use as an accent, but I think I want the actual yarn to be as close to the color of the dress as possible. We’re wearing David’s Bridal’s Regency color, and satin, if anyone’s ever seen it in person before. For anyone who hasn’t, it’s roughly royal purple. There are lots of royal purple yarns out there, but I don’t even begin to know what yarn is closest in color, except that it’s none of the ones at my LYS. I’m not sure I’m quite confident enough in my dyeing abilities to make that shade of purple myself. Anyone have any experience here?

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